The Benefits of a Kickboxing Workout

Kickboxing is a combination of boxing, martial arts, and aerobics that requires little to no equipment. Not only are your chances of getting bored slim to none, but there are several health benefits you can gain from kickboxing.

High Calorie Burn

On average, you can burn anywhere between 275–450 calories during a 30-minute kickboxing session. If you want to burn more, try a personal training kickboxing session for an hour and burn between 500–900 calories!

Cardiovascular Health

Kickboxing is a great cardio workout and sure to get your heart racing. Classes are designed to improve blood circulation, cardiovascular strength, and endurance one kick at a time. Holding proper form requires strict muscle activation, which tightens and tones your body, while the quick pace and fast movements keep your heart rate elevated from start to finish.

Total Body Workout

Your entire body is always engaged during kickboxing. Jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts work your upper body, leaving your chest, arms, shoulders, and core feeling tight and tired in a matter of seconds. And let’s not forget lower body. Round-house kicks, front kicks, and side kicks get your butt and thighs toned in no time.


Following a structured, step-by-step workout may seem daunting at first, but TKO will start you at the perfect pace, focusing on proper technique and basic movements. Each workout builds on the one before, and gradually gets into more intense, advanced combinations. These patterns will improve your coordination, flexibility, balance, and sharpen your reflexes.

Relieves Stress

Kickboxing is not only physical, but mental, too. It relieves stress, builds confidence, and demands self-discipline. Few things relieve stress more than practicing a round-house kick while picturing that work project.

In a class setting, you may need gloves, wrist wraps, and proper shoes. However, if you join the TKO, all you need is some water and a towel!

So get ready to sweat, punch and kick like a champ.

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