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Who We Are

Team TKO

Troy Kickboxing Outfit is your local kickboxing studio.
We help make your fitness journey fun.
Live longer, live better!
Our Trainers guide you, motivate you, challenge you, support and empower you.
Come try our bag therapy – an outlet for your mind, body and soul.


Leasa Williams + Danielle Favret 

We enjoy the kickboxing workout, the awesome instructors and the camaraderie we all have here. It’s an intense cardio workout but, it is more than just a place to take a fitness class. The members and staff care about one another.  We wanted to recreate the experience of an intense workout in a team atmosphere.  We are fighters, achievers, teachers, motivators and fitness gurus here to help you achieve your health goals.  We are the “cheers” of the local fitness community.  

Our new name is Troy Kickboxing Outfit! TKO is a boxing term for Technical Knock Out!  We are a community of people holding each other accountable to attend classes and who genuinely look forward to taking those classes together. Our strong fit family vibe is what separates us from the pack. We have all shapes, sizes and fitness levels combining together, to Knock Out our health and performance goals. We are kind, supportive, ambitious and KICK-ASS! We are Troy Tribe!

TKO Mission
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